Download super secret versions of AutoStakkert!3
June 26, 2018
AutoStakkert 3.1.4 (x64 - 4MB zip archive) !!early testing version. Please do not share this link!!!.
(the file has been scanned online at virustotal. You can check the scan results here) some things will very likely not work!

If you find any bugs in this version of AS!3, please let me know. See here for my contact information.
Again, please do not share this link with other people.

3.1.4 - June 26, 2018
- Fixed critical bug causing lock-ups during aligning/stacking

3.1.3 - June 21, 2018
- Fixed potential low memory performance issues
- Fixed TIF Uncompressed menu not correctly remembered

3.1.2 - June 19, 2018
- Rewritten memory management, resulting in significant speed improvements during buffering and image analysis. Also potentially made stuff more buggy; lots of testing needed.
- Optimized reference frame creation; fully parallel, resulting in significant speed improvements for this stage
- Optimized master frame creation; fully parallel, resulting in significant speed improvements for this stage
- Fixed crash during image alignment due to AVX cpu instructions not working on older hardware
- Added functionality to quickly open next, previous, or all recordings inside a directory (also possibile to filter on FireCapture filter; e.g., open ALL Infrared recordings in the working directory)
- Fixed loading planetary session bug with AP placement before the file was actually being previewed (resulting in lots of APs stacked on eachother)
- Added a delay during session reading to make sure it read the size of the file correctly BEFORE placing the APs
- Minimum brightness for placing APs is now minimum inclusive (>=)
- Removed many old-style INI setting that were obsolete
- Shift + drag mouse on quality graph will zoom in on that part of the recording (opening the recording again using the limit function inside AS!3)
- Fixed vertical mirror bug in RGB DIB0 (8 bpp grayscale RGB avis)
- Removed option to save sharpened FITS
- Removed Arial Narrow fonts
- Many minor bug fixes, better error handling and interface fixes not really worth mentioning.. as if you are reading this anyway...

3.1.0 - April 16, 2018
- Added AVX2 optimized code for image alignment
- Significantly improved MAP analysis speed
- Added Pause button to temporarily pause (batch) processing
- Added 'Disable Stabilization' under Surface image stabilization (in case images are already aligned)
- Help -> display settings directory
- Improved Turn off misformed frames
- Stop halting batch processing on encountering 1-2 frame recordings
- Fixed black row on RGB stacking
- Reduced minimum amount of images required for stacking to 2 frames
- Fixed old style avi index with missing frames halting processing
- Added dead pixel map calibration(undocumented; pixel values > 0 will be replaced by median of non-missing pixels in that area)
- Fixed Process button disabled after clicking place ap in grid
- Interface disable after clicking place ap in grid
- Fixed Force RGB output/automatic being remembered
- Several additional minor interface fixes
- Fixed reference size auto/manual not remembered properly
- Fixed not showing limit in image stack name
- Fixed writing Footer to session file. Old session files may not work with this version!
- Fixed avi reader scan for indx bug
- Fixed avi file header (avih) reporting 0 streams, will now try to scan for one stream regardless
- Fixed parsing empty parameter strings in session file
- Fixed writing AutoStakkert.ini and lastSession.as3 to writable directory
- Independant RGB channel normalisation on by default
- Fixed RGB align bug messing with double stack quality

3.0.14 - March 31, 2017
- Fixed filename load default/minimalistic buttons not loading correct stackname settings.

3.0.13 - March 30, 2017
- Fixed memory leak during image file processing of certain image types (causing lockups in early stages).

3.0.12 - March 30, 2017
- Fixed unicode bug when reading session file.
- Completely rewrote detect abrupt horizontal/vertical artifacts (e.g., planets moving partially off screen). It's turned off by default, but give it a try if you have difficult recordings (the setting is remembered).
- Moved frame information outside of displayed image in the frame view.
- Normalize stack can also work on RGB stacks for each channel independently (right click on normalize stack -> your setting is remembered, default is off).
- Default stackname now starts with the name of the source file, followed by a free field, and then additional stacking information. Check 'Stack(name) options' to change your preferences (setting is remembered).

3.0.11 - March 22, 2017
- First public beta of AS!3
- fixed major rgb stacking issue
- optimized stacking rgb frames, now slightly faster
- made surface 'improved tracking' more robust
- added limit information in stack filename
- removed edge quality estimator
- disabled writing planetary alignment information for surface recordings
- fixed bayer override for large noise robust values (it didn't round up properly, resulting in noise robust values that were too low when user select noise robust of 7 or higher)
- lowered default offset percentile sampling to 6%

3.0.7 - March 2, 2017
- opening .as3 session file now also searches for recordings relative to the location of the as3 file instead of only using absolute path (it still first checks absolute path, and if this is not found, it searches in the same directory as the .as3 file, and if is still nothing is found, it searches one level above .as3 file)
- fixed a long delay right after aligning and right before stacking that was associated with using many APs (thousands) and many frames.
- added support for adding limit to maximum GB of memory usage (AutoStakkert.ini; ProcessingLimits->ramMemoryCeilingGB)
- similarly for limiting the amount of threads, renamed in .ini (AutoStakkert.ini; ProcessingLimits->threadcount)
- minor interface changes.
- disabled saving planetary cog file when surface alignment mode was checked.

3.0.6 - February 20, 2017
- fixed not working force RGB stack output for TIF.
- added saving session output for planetary alignment cog (possibly useful for third party tools; impact detection). This session information will NOT be loaded/used when opening a session, AS! will do COG alignment regardless of what is in the session file.
- slightly changed memory management (tries to keep a bit more memory free if your system has lots of it).
- slightly relaxed reading avi file with broken (super)index (allowing to read certain faulty avis that it wouldn't before)
- fixed remembering (custom) filename (using lastsession.as3, not via the .ini file)
- for surface recordings now always apply new alignment points during batch processing (don't care if you manually added/removed some APs after applying grid)

3.0.5 - February 4, 2017
- fixed not being able to cancel during buffering.
- removed additional stack being saved for row/column correction.

3.0.4 - February 1, 2017
- fixed not saving percentage stack counts
- fixed DPI scaling issue (part of the main window missing with at least some Windows 7 systems)

3.0.3 - January 11, 2017
- fixed cancel during Double Stack Reference not working properly at image alignment stage

3.0.2 - January 7, 2017
- Remember: laplacian very likely needs a higher quality robust level (especially for planetary data at large image scales!). Where I used to get away with Gradient 4 most of the time, I find myself using Laplacian 6 on similar data.
- Fixed column correction crashing the program during saving.
- Fixed rare image alignment bug crashing the program during alignment.

3.0.1 - January 6, 2017
- Fixed automatic alignment point placement during processing.
- Fixed cancel not working properly (crashing the program in a nasty way) during certain processing stages.
- Fixed limit working on image containers
- Fixed various other session related issues

3.0.0 - January 4, 2017
- Yay for AutoStakkert!3 - Very early release! It is likely that lots of stuff isn't working properly yet. Please let me know when you have issues, and DON'T share this version with anyone for now!
- Huge speedup (10 X) during MAP recombination (especially useful for large numbers of APs)
- New default quality estimator (Laplacian) that I placed under the gradient option. It is turned on by default (but you can go back to how things were by unchecking the upside down triangle thingie
- - The quality estimator may be a bit more sensitive to noise, so try to increase the quality robustness if you get unsatisfying results.

- Added option to place APs with different sizes in one go (Multi-Scale). The implementation will change in the future a bit, it is turned off by default at the moment. It should however perform pretty well, so test it out! The extra APs that are placed are always larger than you selected. So pick a relatively small scale to start with (not too small, it should be reasonable still)
- AS!3 supports sessions. These are text files (currently with .as3 extension) that are stored along each raw stack that is created, and that tcontain information about all settings used in AS!3 when the stack was created. Very nice to debug problems, share your workflow, or tweak a few processing settings sometime later without having to think about all the settings that you used. AP information is also stored, and even alignment information for surface recordings are stored.
- - You can save sessions from the file menu as well.
- - You can open sessions from the file menu, but you can also drop them on the main form or send them as a command line parameter on the AutoStakkert.exe executable (tip: use shortcuts to run AS!3 with different sessions for different processing targets!) - - Batch processed stacks are accompanied by settings containing just a single file (as these are not meant to restore all recordings, just that particular recording in that session).

- Removed all non SSE2 code.
- Full control over filenames of image stacks (via a seperate form that you can open under Stack(name) options when a recording is open). This allows you to have very lightweight filenames using just the source container name, or combinations of various fields you can choose from. It may be extended with additional fields in the future.
- Fixed limit working for image folders.
- Lots of interface fixes (e.g., bpp information and color information now also on main screen, and many others...).
- Batch processing surface recordings now supports multiple AP sizes (it keeps track of sizes used).
- Double Stack Reference option changed (was "use stack as reference"). When checked, it will automatically reprocess each recording with the previous stack as reference. Especially nice for surface recordings in combination with the Multi-Scale option with the more robust larger APs that are used alongside the smaller APs.
- Improved surface alignment stability (and speed). It should be much less wobbly now.
- Many small things fixed, many new bugs created in the process.....

2.7.10 - November 26, 2016
- Minor interface changes (enter/escape now work to accept/cancel).
- Fixed flashing AS!2 icon option when (partial) processing finished.
- Application priorty now 'below normal'.

2.7.9 - November 26, 2016
- Fixed unable to stack all frames

2.7.8 - November 26, 2016
- Loading image files (jpg, png, tif) now uses FreeImage component (should fix some recent image file related bugs, and makes development easier)

2.7.7 - November 9, 2016 First 64-bit beta release)
- First 64-bit beta version. Please provide feedback! Uses FreeImage.dll (provided), without other dependencies (e.g., no visual c++ redistributables).
- Supports A LOT of RAM memory (tested up to 32 GB, although essentially unlimited)
- Open 'preview' dialog parsing of firecapture log file (makes the interesting meta-data in your recording a bit more readable)
- Exporting (32-bit/channel) fits should now work
- Code clean up for frame exporting (probably broke stuff in the process..)
- Fixed fits file output passing NASA fits file verifier (following fits standard more closely)
- Fixed sigma clipping near for saturated pixels (turned dark in stack, all saturated pixels were rejected due to low variance... )
- Changed default row column noise thresholds (now 10% percentile). Stack will be be rc applied also and only if expand (or planet) was not selected.
- Small speedup in smart stack

2.7.6 - September 13, 2016
- Lowered maximum amount of pre-read frames during stacking to 2+1
- Fixed crash related to using more than 8 threads during stacking

2.7.5 - September 7, 2016
- Fixed dark frame subtraction not being correctly applied
- Fixed potential memory leak (notes for me to remember: errorW, errorH)
- Fixed progressbar not updating when creating multiple stacks

2.7.4 - August 31, 2016
- Fixed RGB stacking stuck at a few %...