This combination resulted in an LRGB image with the following exposures:
L (no filter): 150x4 seconds
R: 73 x 4 seconds + 119 x 5 seconds
G: 112 x 4 seconds
B: 128 x 4 seconds

The luminance image was actually manually constructed in Photoshop from all the exposures to maximize the S/N ratio. Most of the signal comes from the L recordings (about 60%), the other 40% comes from RGB (mostly R, slightly less G, and just a little bit of B).

The images were drizzled to 300% using my own webcam deepsky stacking program (I manually discarded about 50% of all the recorded frames because they were less sharp and/or showed tracking errors generated by the 60" periodic error of my mount), and after that reduced to 66.7% in Photoshop resulting in a 2x larger than recorded image. Combining and processing the images was also done in Photoshop.

equipment used
Basler Ace acA640-100gm
Meade Starfinder 10