Whirlpool galaxy with the ASI174MM (luminance, no filters used) and some color information added with the ASI224 color camera (new, extremely low read noise with only 0.75e!). The FOV with the ASI224 is much smaller, so I didn't get color everywhere. I also only were able to use 1 second exposures, because there was a LOT of wind messing with the tracking of the Dobson on EQ platform. I will definately try to improve this image later with better color shots AND perhaps also more luminance data (IF seeing is good).

I recently (September 2015) reprocessed the luminance channel using a new technique in AS!2 that removes the remaining horizontal noise of the 174 sensor. This allows me to push the data further quite a bit. I would also like to get some new color data to go along with this image, something that matches better with the details that can be seen in the luminance frame.

equipment used
40 cm Dobson made by Rik ter Horst